Akash Choyal

I aim to draw my own state of dreams. In these works, I have confronted the real and the unreal corresponding with my own dream order in which man, beasts, plants, sky, sun, moon, stars, gods with super human powers and human weaknesses all fit into their assigned places. Till date, my prime concern has been to restructure realities and to unveil the hidden truth lying beneath the surface of the objective reality. This could have been done due to a graphic approach of my drawing that are intricate and intuitive.

I have tried to grasp images of the unconscious depths of my mind and bring them to surface, by expressing them in various forms and shapes with a suitable symbolic apparatus. I also believe that the journey of the line is filled with drama. Moving swiftly in a spontaneous free flow of thought, cutting spaces, dividing and creating with unfettered force, black against white emboldens me to the spiritual voyage.

Till date, I have worked on different mediums like fiber constructions, etchings, paintings, paper mashie, paperboards, triograph, video art, sculpture etc. For the last few years, I have intensely explored the possibilities in computer, but, the lines that thrust up explosively like crocus tufts or float and sail like kite leaning on the wind has been my prime concern.