DVS Krishna

Born in 1973 at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, and completed graduation in painting from JNTU, Hyderabad 1996. From then he started participating in in group shows by institutions like Hyderabad art society , 50 years of Andhra Pradesh Art at Minaz art gallery, Hyderabad 1997 and World Telugu Federation group show. Group show conducted by “AIFCS” at Hyderabad Art Society art gallery in 1997 at Hyderabad, Couple of Group shows with Gallery Splash at India art festival Delhi & Mumbai. Annual art show “Humming Hues” Gallery space, Hyderabad 2005, Group show conducted by “concern India” at HSBC bank Hyderabad 2006, Group show at Bangalore organized by Gallery Hues 2008, Group show at Windsor manor Bangalore organized by Bangalore habba 2009, Ahuja museum for arts Kolkata in 2010.

DVS. Krishna has had two solo shows so far. In 2008 his works were shown at Hasta Gallery Hyderabad on the theme ” Women Specific”. But earlier in 1995 he had exhibited at Alliance Franchise Gallery – an engaging show for that matter.

It is interesting to note that DVS. Krishna is a figurative artist who has fashioned his own idiom. He mostly concentrates on the female – her situation in the society and at home. These are very engaging vignettes of the female’s life and such they readily engage the audience. And it goes to the credit of the artist that his imagery has been refined and honed over the years.

The Fibre glass sculptures by the artist are introspective in nature. The solitary free standing Bust of the protagonist reinstates a meditative, serene and quiet mood. A single bright hue Falls unanimously throughout his sculptures, and accentuates the facial features to emerge in a soft, glossy and perfect brilliance.