Gurudas Shenoy

Born in Karnataka (India) Gurudas Shenoy graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda. He has had several solo shoes and participated in numerous art exhibitions in India and abroad. Gurudas Shenoy is a leading muralist in the country and has over a 100 murals to his credit. A member of the South Kanara Art Council (SKAC) and the Bombay Art Society, Gurudas Shenoy was also the curator for M.F Husain’s museum, “Husain Sankalana”, in Bangalore, from 1991 till its closing in 2008. He is a recipient of the Bendre-Husain National Award by the Bombay Art Society, and has also founded the Shenoy Art Foundation, which supports young, upcoming artists. He lives and works in Bangalore, India