Jatin Das

“Creativity is a transfer of energy”

The multi-faceted Jatin Das has been a part of the Indian art scene for more than four decades, with his paintings, murals and sculptures. The human body holds an endless fascination for him and he pursues his quest for dynamic figures tirelessly, using a linear structure and quick brushwork. 

Jatin Das believes that every element of life has an inherent energy. This energy is evident in his paintings of men and women, captured in the throes of emotional upheaval, portraying the plethora of emotions evoked as a result of the interaction of people with society and nature. 

The man-woman relationship, in particular, with all its attendant pain and joy is a constant source of inspiration to Jatin Das. Rhythmic discontinuities of colour planes and rushing lines characterise his paintings. Jatin focuses on drawing out the subtleties of thought and feeling through the use of colour. In particular, it was his paintings of nude or ‘bare figure’ forms that brought him acclaim in the 1960s and 70s. 

Jatin Das has been also involved with art institutions, in several capacities: as a teacher at the College of Art, New Delhi, and at the National School of Drama, New Delhi; as a consultant for the Handicrafts Board, and for the Folk Art Museum, Orissa, to mention a few of the positions he held. In 1991, the Lalit Kala Akademi held a retrospective of his works. In his career, spanning 40 years, Das has held only 37 exhibitions, as he believes that painting is an intensely personal experience, the results of which cannot always be shared with others.