Jayasri Burman

Jayasri Burman (born 1960 in Calcutta) is a contemporary Indian artist. She studied at the Kala Bhavan in Shantiniketan, and at the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata. She went to Paris and studied print-making under Monsieur Ceizerzi. She is a member of an extended family of eminent artists: Her husband, Paresh Maity; uncle Sakti Burman who lives and works in France, though he is considered an Indian artist; and her cousin, Maya Burman. In 2005, she helped create an exhibition called “The Family” featuring work of all these artists. Burman works mainly in watercolor, using rich strong hues and bold themes with a mythic element—strange hybrid animals with human heads, female figures. She has won several prizes for her art. Her work has been exhibited in India, and overseas.