Laxman Aelay

Laxman Aelay was born in the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh in 1964. He received his BA in Painting from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University College of Fine Arts in Hyderabad. After graduating he became a full time freelance painter. Laxman`s paintings are contemporary depictions of rural Telangana where he spent his childhood. His source of inspiration are the people from his village – Kadirenigudem.
Before Laxman Aelay chose to become a professional artist, he was a signboard painter and then a respected designer and illustrator of books. His work was highly thought of within Telegu literary circles, but soon the painter in him compelled Aelay to do a degree in Fine Arts, to add on to his existing Bachelor of Commerce degree.
Laxman’s works are like drawings being drawn from his memories of the village. Laxman’s drawings are strong and detailed and he plays with light with great mastery. His use of bright colours gives his work a very contemporary feel. While his main inspiration are the poor people from his village, you will notice there is so much you can tell about their lives through the animals, houses and plants he draws in the background.
Earlier Laxman painted large sized canvases and papers, but his later works have been smaller and more compact. He held his first solo show at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations Art Gallery in Hyderabad in 1999. Laxman has participated in several important group shows both in India and abroad. He has also represented the country in an international exposition organised by TAANA in Chicago, USA in 1995.
Aelay has received international recognition as well as several awards and gold medals for his works. These include, award from the Hyderabad Art Society in 1995.
He currently lives and works out of Hyderabad.