Phalguni Das

Phalguni Das Gupta is a versatile artist. He graduated from the Kolkata government college of art and craft in 1959, moving to the art department of bimal roy productions in 1960, which he left in 1962. After this he taught for seven years at sainik school in purulia, then worked as an illustrator for the national book trust, being awarded for his illustrations in 1984 and 1995, in 1987 and 1989 he got the a aifacs award for painting and in 1994 he became the head of the applied arts department at the Delhi college of art. His career in art has been a steady one to his being honored as a veteran artist in 1996.Living in dehradun in Uttaranchal, he is part of the Bengali diaspora that has been such a feature of northern india since the end of the nineteenth century. His work has all the features of the Bengal artists who came to the north. They were masters of their crafts, but never let go of the powerful linear style that characterized the Bengal folk tradition espoused by a master of the stature of jamini roy. Nor did phalguni abandon the folk imagery of the mother goddess(be it durga or kali) or that source of vaishnava inspiration, the cow-herd, Krishna. He also brought the pastoral landscape, formerly relegated to the background of our courtly miniatures, to the forefront. Phalguni reflects all these trends in his present work, from the popular study of a young girl bringing home leaves for the goats, to goddess in a style that blends Bengal folk with cubism, to lyrical studies of lovers, and sweeping poetic landscape, he covers a wide canvas of the lyrical of Bengal art of which he is an experienced practitioner.