Prem Singh

Nature seems like an inexhaustible resource . It remains a major source of inspiration for humanity , and whose divine & celestial chorus is ever rejuvenating .
Lyrical designs and patterns weaved in space and earth and create a magical spell on the human mind attuned to the beauty and purpose of nature .
My paintings reflect on such playful , and prayerful , moments that I experience through my dialogue with the manifest and the unmanifest in Nature .
I am now like a bird that can fly through line , form and colour.
What I seek in my artistic expressions is silent activity not easily discernible to the eye but can be experienced in contemplation.
In such moments of creativity my whole being is transformed into a plant that grows every minute by remaining firmly rooted to the soil .
This feel of eternity and silent gives wings to my imagination . And that inspires to tune the rhythmic visual voice and its subtle nuances in consonance with my heartbeat .
An organic feel of the silent activity of nature , intensive chirping of the birds in the low light of morning and evening , the transcendental of music of light – all this and much more is an integral part of my creative quest . It is my humble attempt at “ grasping “ joy and life as they fly.

Prem Singh was born in 1943 and was the former Principal of the College of Art, Chandigarh. He is an ex member of the Advisory Committee of the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. His works are in the collection of the NGMA, New Delhi, Lalit Kala, New Delhi, State Museum Madras, Government Museum Chandigarh and other public places and important collections.