Vinod Sharma

Vinod Sharma was born in 1953. He did his Bachelors of Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 1976 and Masters of Fine Arts from M.S University, Baroda in 1978.

The land fascinates Vinod Sharma and his depictions of it encompass the visible and the invisible, the told and the untold.  He is deeply immersed within what he depicts and in this way is not just able to represent natural beauty but to demonstrate his understanding of it.

Like the artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who used exquisite landscapes to present grand narratives and explore philosophical notions, Vinod Sharma uses the land to investigate metaphors, capture the sublime, subvert traditions, reveal conflicts and bring to the fore the myriad untold stories of the natural spaces we inhabit. Though his medium is traditional, he delves into the deeper meaning of depicting the land thereby examining both beauty and critical contemporary issues. These enticing works have been produced by the combination of a skilled hand, sharp eye and profound sympathy for the subject.