Bikash Poddar

Born in 1935 in Kerala, A. Ramachandran graduated with a degree in Malayalam Literature from Kerala University before pursuing a Diploma in Fine Arts and Crafts from Kala Bhavan, VisvaBharati University at Santiniketan. Deeply influenced by Nandalal Bose, Ramachandran makes a strong case for Indian aesthetics and for the use of classical Indian images to articulate an ideological position. The painter converted to using archetypal Indian imagery only after years of painting in the modernist vein. Deeply influenced by the prevalent socio-political situation in Kerala, his early works represented oppression, violence, war. Human figures were dismembered, most of them headless.

Bikash’s technical brilliance and his love for nature, his village and the forests around it, is what makes his work so special. Detailed images that are clearly etched in his mind from his childhood, come to life when he holds a brush and paints!

Born in Kalitaganj, North Bengal, Bikash Poddar studied art from the Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and was awarded a Gold medal. He joined the commercial world after graduating, working at an advertising agency at Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi. After 15 years, he gave up the advertising world to become an artist, a clear win for all of us art lovers!