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Drawing A New Chapter

We now bring to you a very significant show of drawings. Having always been fascinated by the medium of drawing and interested in it, I am looking forward to sharing these drawings with art lovers through this exhibition. We have been encouraged and supported by the artists.

In this show, the viewers will find drawings which represent a wide range of expression from across the country. We know that line plays a big role in the creative process. It has been applied in these works. Drawings of masters and the emerging artists are part of this very exclusive show. We say with a certain satisfaction that we have enjoyed mounting this show right from the beginning to putting the works on the wall.


A. Ramachandran | Akbar Padamsee | Anwar | Akhilesh | Akash Choyal | Bhagat Singh | Biman B Das | Bharat Dodiya | Chameli Ramachandran | Datta Bansode | Debnath Basu | Dhananjay Singh | F.N. Souza | G R Santosh | Gurcharan Singh | Gulammohammed Sheikh | Jogen Chowdhury | Jatin Das | K Laxma Goud | Krishen Khanna | K. G. Subramanyan | K.S. Kulkarni | Krishnendu Porel | Kamakulu Rajasekhar | Manjit Bawa | Manu Parekh | Madhvi Parekh | Neeraj Goswami | Ompal Sansanwal | Paresh Maity | Paritosh Sen | Ram Kumar | Ramkinkar Baij | Ramananda Bandopadhyay | Sanat Kar | Sidharth | Shabir Hussain Santosh | Shiv Lal Saroha | Suhas Roy | Sakti Burman | Saroj Kumar | Sudhir Patwardhan | Suneet Ghildial | Satish Gujral | Sunil Das | Seema Kohli | T. Vaikuntam.