Celebrating Diversity

This exhibition celebrates what is the essence of India`s internal diversity that gives it a global perspective in its art. This variety of expression reflects the concentrated effect of the universal panorama of global art we see around us. It bring together the strands of inspiration that we find holding our art together over generations that hark back to the art of a newly independent India born in different regions. Each has its own style but reflects a common flow of the rich interconnections that guide our modern art along their visual trajectory.

Among the painters we are exhibiting this time we have the works of masters like G.R. Santosh, Suhas Roy, Sunil Das and T. Vaikuntam, as well as eminent artists from different regional traditions who are very much a part of our common development. Among them we have artists like Bikash Poddar, Shiv lal Saroha, Ramesh Gorjala, Shabir Hussain Santosh and Umika Mediratta.
We are also representing an equally large range of masterly sculptors like Biman B Das, K.S. Radhakrishnan, Dhananjay Singh, Arun Pandit, Sisir Sahana and Dimpy Menon. They reflect the quality of work we have in different media like terracotta, bronze, steel and glass.

These artists have developed in tandem with our gallery which has grown up over the years along with them. We hope to communicate this to our viewers and bring the same joy to their hearts that we have felt in putting this show together.

Suneet Chopra,
Art Critic, Writer

Artists Exhibited

Arun Pandit | Bikash Poddar | Biman B Das | Dimpy Menon | Dhananjay Singh | G.R. Santosh | K.S. Radhakrishnan | Ramesh Gorjala | Suhas Roy | Sunil Das | Shiv Lal Saroha | Sisir Sahana | Shabir Hussain Santosh | T. Vaikuntam | Umika Mediratta


Ramesh Gorjala

Shiv Lal Saroha

Suhas Roy

Sunil Das

T. Vaikuntam

Umika Mediratta

Bikash Poddar

G. R. Santosh

Shabir Hussain Santosh


Arun Pandit

21 x 13 x 14 Inches

Biman B Das

24 x 19 x 10 Inches
Bonze Nayika-IV 2014

Dhananjay Singh

89 x 39 x 36 Inches
Copper, Stainless steel wire and Bronze 2016

Dimpy Menon

14 x 34 x 29 Inches
Bronze and Wood (Lotus Pond) 2018

K.S. Radhakrishnan

66 x 27 x 20 Inches
Tapasyi Tarangini Bronze 2018

Sisir Sahana

25.5 x 13 x 6 Inches
Cast & flame worked glass 2010