This collection consists of works of artists the gallery has been exhibiting over time. Thereare paintings and sculptures which are drawn from artists of different age groups, have their own original perspective and are from different parts of the country; but they givean understanding of the development of the core of our art history. Among them are Artists like F.N. Souza, G.R. Santoshand Suhas Roy who are no longer with us but have left their indelible mark on our art. Biman B Das,T. Vaikuntam, K. Laxma Goud and Charan Sharmaare already well known in the art world, while Samir Mondal, Shabir Hussain Santosh,OmpalSansanwal, BikashPoddar, SisirSahana, Dimpy Menon, Shiv Lal Saroha andArunPanditare attracting attention among collectors with an eye to the future.

Suneet Chopra,
Art Critic, Writer

Artists Exhibited

Arun Pandit | Bikash Poddar | Biman B Das | Charan Sharma  | Dimpy Menon | Dhananjay Singh | F. N. Souza | G.R. Santosh | K. Laxma Goud | Ompal Sansanwal   | Samir Mondal | Suhas Roy  | Shabir Hussain Santosh | Sisir Sahana  | Shiv Lal Saroha | T. Vaikuntam.


Bikash Poddar

30 x 30 Inches
Water colour on paper | 2018

Charan Sharma

48 x 48 Inches
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas Equilibrium | 2018

F. N. Souza

18 x 23 Inches
Acrylic on paper (Salome with the head of John Baptist) | 1985

G. R. Santosh

53 x 39 Inches
Acrylic on canvas Untitled | 1989

K Laxma Goud

20 x 29 Inches
Colour pencil drawing on rice paper

Ompal Sansanwal

60 x 30 Inches
Pen and Ink and Acrylic on canvas Krishna with cows | 2018

Samir Mondal

30 x 22 Inches
Water colour on 300gsm arches paper | 2018

Shabir Hussain Santosh

50 x 50 Inches
Acrylic on canvas Untitled | 2018

Shiv Lal Saroha

60 x-48 Inches
charcoal on canvas Untitled | 2019

Suhas Roy

72 x 36 Inches
Oil and Mixed media on canvas Radha and the mistress of Moon | 2006

T. Vaikuntam

60 x 48 Inches
Acrylic on canvas


Arun Pandit

22 x 14 x 14 Inches
Bronze Thinker | 2019

Biman B Das

25.5 x 14 x 10 Inches
Bronze Philosophy of life X | 2018

Dhananjay Singh

74.5 x 37.2 x 43.5 Inches
Stainless Steel | 2018

Dimpy Menon

56 x 34 x 16 Inches
Bronze on Granite Twirl | 2018

Sisir Sahana

23 x 12 x 6 Inches
Self reliant Cast flame worked glass | 2010