T. Vaikuntam 28 x 73 Inches Acrylic on canvas

Indian Art Fair 2018

This exhibition celebrated the essence of India’s internal diversity that gives its art a global perspective. This variety of expression reflects the concentrated effect of the universal panorama of global art we see around us. The exhibition brought together the forms of art that emerged in different regions of newly independent India. These art forms have inspired generations of artists with their unique styles and continue to guide the modern Indian artists.


Arun Pandit | Bikash Poddar | Biman B. Das | Dimpy Menon | Dhananjay Singh | G.R. Santosh | K.S. Radhakrishnan | Ramesh Gorjala | Suhas Roy | Shiv Lal Saroha | Sisir Sahana | Shabir Hussain Santosh | T. Vaikuntam

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