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The Beginning

We all went through terrible mental stress and agony in 2020. The spread of the pandemic and the subsequent lock down forced us to remain confined to our homes. The pandemic isn’t over yet, and it has forced us to adapt to the next normal. We celebrated this next normal in our spaces at Triveni Kala Sangam with a sculpture show in which we exhibited the work of stalwart sculptors of the Indian sculpture scene. We also exhibited the works of the famous painters in this exhibition.


A. Ramachandran | Akbar Padamsee | Arun Pandit | Biman B. Das | Bikash Poddar | Chameli Ramachandran | Dhananjay Singh | F.N. Souza | G.R. Santosh | Krishen Khanna | K. Laxma Goud | Lalu Prasad Shaw | Parmod K. Mann | Pradip Maitra | Partha Shaw | Ramesh Gorjala | Ram Kumar | Sisir Sahana | Suhas Roy | Sunil Das | Seema Kohli | Shabir Hussain Santosh | Shiv Lal Saroha | Samir Mondal | T. Vaikuntam | Vinod Sharma

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